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You must know how important it is to take care of our environment. If the surroundings around us won’t be good then it will somewhere affect us too. But the question is how can we take care of our environment? In this regard, Paleo Crystal Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is here to help you. We use scalable and innovative techniques to make your surroundings better. Our proficient workers provide different sorts of services with the latest equipment to reduce the pollution in our environment and make the environment as clear as a crystal.

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What sort of services Paleo Crystal Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. does Offer?

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Our Mission


PALEO CRYSTAL ENVIRO TECHNOLOGIES (P) LTD provides a varied product offering for process applications, water & wastewater treatment including design/build of packaged type...


We understand the customer requirement and customize the solution accordingly. We are backed with total 10 years of industrial processes and wastewater treatment experience.


PRIMARY AREAS OF EXPERTISE To make the environment crystal clear, To provide best service, Cost effective and reliable solution to our valued clients

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