Air Pollution Control

Wet Scrubbers

Scrubber systems are a diverse group of air pollution control devices that can be used to remove some particulates and/or gases from industrial exhaust streams. “Scrubber” is a pollution control device that use liquid to wash unwanted pollutants from a gas stream. Scrubbers are one of the primary devices that control gaseous emissions, especially acid gases, Fumes. Industrial Scrubbers can also be used for heat recovery from hot gases by flue gas condensation. Scrubber are used for scrubbing the abnoxious fumes such as silicon tetrafluride, HNO3, HCl, NH3, Phosphoric acid, super phosphate & Fluorine. Manufacturing using quality R.M these are available in various dimensions & specifications. As per the client requirement this system can also be used for recovery of the products.

  • Paleo Crystal provides Jet Venturi Scrubbers, Conventional High Energy Venturi Scrubbers, Packed Bed Scrubbers, Spray Chambers and their optimized combinations to handle gases such as SO2, HCl, Cl2, NOX, HBr, HF, H2S, etc. and particulates.
  • The system can be provided as complete package with appropriate pumps, appropriate heat-exchangers and other ancillaries, and in a wide variety of materials including PP-FRP, FRP, PVDF – FRP, FEP – MS, MS, SS 316, SS 304, Graphite, etc. Combination systems can be provided to give upto 99.99 % scrubbing efficiency.

Standard Features:

  • Automatic / semiautomatic
  • Customized unit based on water characteristics and site conditions
  • PLC based control panel
  • High quality branded Resin
  • High quality components ensure long life and durability

Cyclones & Multicyclones

The cyclone is a widely used type of particulate collection device in which dust-laden gas enters tangentially into a cylindrical or conical chamber and leaves through a central opening. When very large gas volumes must be handled and high collection efficiencies are needed a multiple of small diameter cyclones are usually nested together to form a multicyclone. Such systems are also customized for product recovery system along with pollution control equipment.

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